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Spiritwood Felting

Spiritwood Felted arts & Wellness

  • Handcrafted Needle Felted Art's
  • Art Therapy Wellness Workshops
  • Energy Healing Classes
  • Natural Healing Remedies.

  • It's time we all take responsibility for our own wellness
  • It's time we all relearn to heal ourselves
  • It's time we all work to keep ourselves in an optimum state of health​. 
  • Stress causes a whole host of dis-ease within the physical body. There are many things we can do ourselves, beyond modern medicine, to ensure our own better health and wellness!!


Creating art settles the body, mind and spirit. Settling our whole self helps us relax and remove stresses that cause tension and energy blockages. When our energy systems are not allowed to flow freely through our bodies, This creates those blockages that can eventually grow into illness. 


Herbs are nature 'medicines' that we can use to help fight off viral and bacterial attacks on our body.  I use the following herbs. These are Elderberry, Oregon Grape, Marshmallow Root, Astragalus, Rose Hips, Ginger, Mullein, Burdock, Yarrow, Chamomile, Heart Ease, Plantain, Calendula, Mugwort, Skullcap, Damiana and Dandelion. We also have a few mints that we use in combination for teas Lemon Balm, Chocolate Mint, Catmint, Licorice Mint, Strawberry Mint and Pineapple Mint.